What are the basic operation specifications of the horizontal winding packaging machine?


What are the basic operating standards for horizontal winding packaging machines? Customers choose and buy horizontal winding packaging machine, how to use, how to operate is the customer in the purchase of the more confused. However, compared with industrial equipment, horizontal winding packaging machine operation is simple and easy to understand. In order to better reduce the cost and early application, customers will choose to avoid the installation adjustment costs, choose the dealer telephone specific instructions or learn to train the operation staff according to the instructions. So what are the operating standards for horizontal winding packaging machines? Made a summary for everyone:

First: after receiving the machine equipment installation instructions steps to install the machine equipment.

Second: plug in the 220V single project three-hole socket, open the control box, open the circuit breaker switching power supply

Third: After the operation panel is connected to the switching power supply, the bright red display lamp will light up and the industrial touch screen will start the main interface of display information setting;

Fourth: Basic parameters: set the coil number, frequency, top crossing time and lift number according to the customer's requirements.

Fifth :(when removing and changing the film roll, press the emergency stop button as far as possible to avoid accidentally touching the film motor's guiding roller and injuring your hand) wear the film according to the orientation of the film plan;

Sixth: use the handle to wrap the film and pull it out, fix it on the drag disc to be coiled, and press the emerald green starting button of the operation panel;

Seventh: to wrap the waste paper wrapping machine after the end of the packaging, manpower with the knife head decoration partition winding film, take the cover on the pallet raw materials can be.