Introduction: The function of winding packing machine


Cylinder winding machine

Cylindrical winding packing machine refers to an equipment that drives the integral rotation of the cylindric goods by rotating the turntable and at the same time drives the rotation of the cylindric goods by the two power rollers on the turntable, so as to realize the complete sealing wrapping of the goods. Cylindrical winding packaging machine includes axial winding machine and radial winding machine two series.

Tray winding machine

Turn the pallets by turning the turntable.

Ring body winding machine

Ring body wrap packaging machine refers to the film feeding by a circular orbit (send) device, ring ring body part of the goods for coil wrapping package of equipment. Ring body winding packing machine is a novel winding packing machine designed and manufactured for steel belt and other metal ring articles (such as bearing, steel belt, steel wire, steel ring, aluminum belt, etc.).

Cantilever winding machine

Cantilever wrapping machine refers to the equipment that can be used to wrap the goods by rotating the cantilever around the goods. It is mainly used for the wrapping of lighter and higher goods which are unstable after stacking or heavier goods. The cantilever winding machine can be installed in a flexible way, can be placed on the wall, can also be fixed with a bracket.

No tray winding machine

The pallet-free wrapping machine is designed for small, pallet-free, single-piece packing items and is a complement to the TP pallet wrapping machine. It is especially suitable for packing single carton or goods of different shapes and specifications. And can be manually reverse 90 degrees to achieve six sides of the package. At present, it has been widely used in foreign trade, clothing, yarn, food and other industries.

Horizontal winding machine

The horizontal winding packaging machine refers to the equipment that rotates around the goods moving horizontally at a uniform speed through the rotary arm system, and at the same time adjusts the expansion force of the packaging material through the stretching mechanism, so as to package the object into a tight whole and form spiral regular packaging on the surface of the object. Widely used in plastic profiles, aluminum, plate, pipe, dyeing textiles and other industries.

Baggage winding machine

Designed for airport luggage packing, etc. To protect baggage during transit from breakage, replacement, etc. The equipment can be moved, and the operator places the luggage on a turntable and adjusts the vertical lever according to the size of the luggage. Then press the start button on the operation panel, the equipment will be automatically packaged, and general luggage bags can be 3-5 layers.

Automatic film winding machine

Microcomputer control core can be used for the packaging of various technological requirements of winding and automatically breaking the film, film winding machine has stable performance, strong anti-interference ability, can work normally in high dust, high noise, strong electromagnetic interference and drastic temperature changes in the environment, at the same time has the characteristics of simple operation. The main electrical components of the film winding machine adopt imported famous brand products, the control PLC adopt imported parts of the winding machine, the program will never be lost. Automatic film winding machine the lowest price the most preferential, the strength quality assurance.