The development of horizontal winding packing machine was briefly discussed


The horizontal winding packing machine manufacturer briefly talks about the development trend of the winding packing machine

The packaging machinery and equipment that uses flexible packaging machinery to carry out all or part of the wrapping of goods is generally referred to as wrapping machinery. Packaging machinery is one of the most important components in the field of packaging industrial equipment. The mutual characteristic of wrapping machine is to use thin flexible packaging raw materials (such as glass sticker, plastic mold, various composite bags of mucous membrane, etc.) to carry out wrapping of one or several solid items, which are commonly used for wrapping food, cigarettes, medicines and other commodities. There are various types of wrapping machines and their functions are different. 20201210

The wrapping machine is suitable for the packing of bulky articles with certain bending rigidity. Some powder equipment and bulk items can be pre-packed as block items after they have been pre-packed in trays, boxes, etc. Block items are of various shapes, such as square, cylinder, ball, etc. They can be pieces of pieces or a combination of several pieces. For example, candy bar and soap are package pieces, while travel cookies and matchsticks are package pieces when arranged and combined. In addition, cigarette box, tea packaging box and other surface can also carry out packaging. The appearance of flexible raw materials (glass stickers, etc.) used for packaging has made a lot of new packaging machines and related machinery and equipment acquire a development trend. This new machinery and equipment has the characteristics of high speed, high efficiency and great adaptability to the change of packaging specifications.20201210

Bagging machinery in the late 1970s caused a high level of attention in the field, multi-pronged key development and design. Since the 1990s, with the introduction of the scale of business expansion and the continuous improvement of the infrastructure of manufacturing enterprises, for the gradual improvement and improvement of a variety of packaging machinery has shown a reliable guarantee. In particular, the application of PLC, PC, so that the role of wrapping machinery is more sound, automation technology, intelligent system level development trend. In the future, the development trend of wrapping machine is to develop and design origami wrapping machine and equipment in addition to plastic film wrapping machine and equipment. We will vigorously promote a variety of auxiliary equipment supporting facilities with the packaging machinery and equipment, so as to expand the application of server role.