Fully automatic wrapping machine

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1, the profile

Abstract its product line covers the whole accurate sizing take-up, wire roll, roll feeding winding packaging, material weighing record, real-time label printing label, material system background, material classification and temporary storage, and other functions of the input, the whole machine is modular structure, artificial feeding, to automatically cut line, line weight, binders, wrapped package, finishing, weighing, labeling, data entry, stick tape storage, classification, flip, blanking, skip, processes are completed automatically. The production line can be assembled flexibly according to customers' requirements. It is simple and fast for assembly, with high production efficiency and labor utilization rate.

2. Product Use:

Sazb-4 wire automatic winding packaging wire, widely used in all kinds of steel wire, pipe, steel belt, copper belt, copper pipe, aluminum belt, cable and other annular objects through the heart winding packaging. product

After packaging, the appearance of clean, beautiful, but also can play dust, moistureproof, rust, corrosion, scratch and other functions. The SAZB-4 horizontal series can be equipped with conveying line to connect the customer site

The existing production line realizes automatic unmanned operation.

3. Basic features

☆ Manual/automatic working mode selection

☆ PLC programmable control system

☆ HMI interface can set the relevant parameters of the product

☆ Input the product's inside diameter, outside diameter, width and correction parameters, THE PLC system will automatically calculate the length of the packaging belt and winding number

☆ According to the need to adjust the overlap and tightness of the packaging belt

☆ According to the need to choose different packaging materials

☆ Simple operation, the system will automatically adjust the corresponding packaging parameters

☆ Rotary ring for C - type casting structure, smooth operation, strong

☆ The host can be moved around to adapt to the packaging of different inside diameter, outside diameter of the product

☆ Automatic positioning

☆ Automatic alarm, automatic display of fault content

☆ Independent control cabinet, improve operability and maintainability

☆ Automatic belt loading and cutting (according to different packaging materials)

☆ Safety fence and housing to ensure the safety of operation

☆ Roller and roller are covered with polyurethane adhesive, can effectively protect products

☆ Before and after conveying line convenient loading and unloading, safe and efficient operation

4Basic technical parameters

product model


product type

horizontal type

external dimension

Max:L12000(4 Head to close the line)*W11000* H3500 mm

Ring feeding size


  • Product width


The product insideφ




  • Product Height


product weight


Swivel speed


Roller speed


packing material

Winding film/anti-rust film, etc


  • Paper tubediameter:50mm,外径:100-150mm

Woven tape/composite paper tape/corrugated paper tape, etc


  • Paper tubediameter:55mm,外径:100-500mm

The power of the precision pumping machine is 4 * 15KW


Total drum line power


mains input

AC 220V/380V, 50HZ/60HZ

air source


There is one packaging machine for each of the four fine extractors

According to the production capacity can be selected



Automatic loading manipulator


Drum line

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